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Dining during the holiday is one of our favorite time. Nothing beats sitting and having fantastic chats over a delicious lunch! The ideal approach to is to wear something that is comfortable for the  environment and for this purpose we present you with this amazing long sleeved wine colored skin tight collared set.

The tried-and-true combination of shirt and pant seems flawless, because it is timeless, easy to wear, and always looks beautiful, this is a classic. This is another reason to keep this outfit in mind for many occasions. 

Play around with different accessories and shoes to make it feel a bit more 'dining' acceptable. This perfect-collared outfit looks great with stilettos, oversized clutch, and a colorful hat. This versatile outfit will amaze everyone and will enhance your beauty and sense of fashion, while reflecting your true instincts and love for the holidays.


PU leather

Color Available: Wine 

Amazing texture and material

Model is wearing size Large at 5'6