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Flirty mink Eyelashes will save you when you don’t wish to put much makeup on. Enhance the color and length of your lashes looking completely natural and make yourself look foxy and beautiful.

 Its 100% mink more flexible and softer material makes it lightweight and realistic for a finer experience. The finest strands of the Flirty Eyelashes hold the perfect beautiful curl to offer you a natural and enticing look. These eyelashes are long-lasting. They  are quite easy to attach, remove, relocate, and adjust the angles quickly without any hassle.

 You can use Flirty Eyelashes for an entire day and sweat will not cause any issue. The Flirty eyelashes will bring life to your face and keep you shiny even when you are tired. Take a more natural approach to your makeup with full confidence. 

 Let’s have a look at some facts about Flirty Eyelashes:

Brand Name: Lush by Me Mink Collection

Eyelashes Type : High Volume Mink Lashes

Material : Mink Hair

Style : Natural , Dramatic, Thick , 3D , Soft , Cross

Manufacturing Process : Handmade

Quanlity : 1 Pairs

  • 100% real mink and handmade product.
  • Softer and more comfortable.
  • Fluffy, gorgeous, and natural.
  • Cruelty Free

Get your Flirty Eyelashes now at an affordable price and add volume to your natural lash line to enhance attractiveness.